Term Loans

  • Non-regulated lending available throughout England and Wales.
  • All business sectors considered.
  • Funding can be provided to individuals, partnerships and limited companies.
  • Interest can either be added to the loan or serviced.
  • Terms from 2 to 5 years.*
  • Rates from 0.50% per month over the Bank of England Base Rate.*
  • Loan size from £250,000 to £10 million.
  • Security preferred, namely 1st legal charge over residential (non-owner-occupied dwelling), commercial, industrial and development land. 
  • Up to 70% Loan To Value (subject to underwriting).
  • Funding for business or investment purpose.
  • Transactions that fall outside our guidelines may be considered, on a discretionary basis.
  • *  Minimum 3-month interest term. 
  • *  The monthly equivalent of the annual Bank of England Base rate will be charged in addition to the quoted margin.
  • *  3% exit fee in year 1, 2% in year 2 – no exit fee from the first day of year 3.   
  • *  Rates can vary subject to full credit underwriting and are therefore case specific.
HS Credit: Term Loans